I present to you some archives of my years as a journalist. I loved this job very much, and I still have an immense respect for this profession and those who practice it. That’s why I want to dedicate part of my site.

This list is neither exhaustive nor definitive.

For those interested, here is also a small section containing press clippings from the time I was active in the student movement: at the time of the student movement .

Correspondent in Latin America – La Part des Choses – Téléjournal

Welcome to Mexico City!

The first days with my family in the capital of Mexico, Mexico. Delays, whirlwind in traffic, tricks and company.

Managua: what remains of our loves?

13 November 2001: Cover of the last days of the electoral campaign in Nicaragua. When Sandinista idealism was defeated by realism, even if the socialist message of Daniel Ortega was still among the disinherited layers of the population.

Colombia: the risks of the trade

23 August 2002: Civil war and omnipresence of death. Life has never seemed so fragile to me since I came back from Colombia. I have the naivete somewhat maltreated.

Guatemala: a democracy to reinvent

10 November 2002: The difficulty of the eleven million Guatemalans to turn the page on four decades of violence and to undertake the long and laborious return to democratic legitimacy.

A Merry Christmas

December 20, 2002: Freshly back home for the Christmas holidays, the financial and economic crisis in Argentina brutally brought me back to Latin America.

Meeting with Hugo Chavez

May 12, 2003: Even with a promise of an interview in his pocket, it is not always easy to meet Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez!

Other highlights


27 October 2004

Violence in Kanesatake

-6 May 1997

Bre-X scandal: how was it possible to mislead investors?

-6 August 1997

Charles Marion is released (20 years later)

-7 January 1998

The devastated Montreal region

-14 December 1998

Bank mergers will not take place

-24 August 1999

Air Canada: Historical Overview

-8 May 2000

Domestic Violence Among Soldiers

-15 June 2000

Yes to gun control

-28 November 2000