Longueuil MPs in defense of Quebec citizens and interests


Diane Lamarre, Member of Parliament for Taillon, Bernard Drainville, Member of Parliament for Marie-Victorin and Martine Ouellet, Member of Parliament for Vachon, gave an overview of the parliamentary session in which the official opposition was constructive and effective in serving citizens and The interests of Quebec.

“Contact with citizens is what inspires us, which gives meaning to our commitment and motivates us to offer responsible, constructive and effective opposition. Several times, during the session, we reached out to the government and offered our cooperation, “said MEPs at the outset.

The impacts of liberal austerity

The member for Marie-Victorin, Bernard Drainville, recalled that the austerity of the Liberals is hurting the people of Longueuil, as much by increases in rates as by cuts to services to citizens. “One thinks of the abolition of staff at the Marie-Victorin School Board, whose abolition of more than 50 jobs will inevitably affect the quality of services to students. Place Rive-Sud, among other things, also has its budget cut, which forces the organization to reduce its staff and thus weakens the services offered to the integration of women in employment. ”

In addition, the Official Opposition critic for energy and natural resources also quotes Hydro Québec: “The Crown Corporation increases its tariffs by 2.9%, imposes a fee of 67M $ For meter reading, while smart meters no longer need it, and imposes an annual interest rate of 14.4% on Quebec families, many of them in Longueuil, who struggle to pay their bill of exchange, electricity. Meanwhile, the Crown corporation brings premiums back to Hydro Quebec executives and senior executives, pays a princely rent of $ 450,000 to its former executive, and allows itself to liquidate a new turbine from $ 80 million to $ 75,000 ! It does not make sense. The Liberals must stop charging Quebeckers for an ideological management of public finances. ”

Health and accessibility to care

The Member of Parliament for Taillon, Diane Lamarre, was particularly interested in health and accessibility issues in her report on the parliamentary session. “In health, Minister Barrette demonstrates how remote he is from the real concerns of Quebeckers, their despair at the difficulties of access to the health system. We denounced his decision to award $ 210 million to 9,000 specialist physicians, while he only booked $ 208 million for the entire responsible health network for 8 million Quebecers. We have highlighted the maintenance of the physician premium for the simple registration of a patient when the minister declared it indecent last fall. When I looked at the estimates, I denounced the rent increases that the minister wanted to bring to the residents of the CHSLDs. He had to step back and I am proud to have been able to avoid those increases that exceeded the indexation for those accommodated. He agreed with our recommendations on the limitation of assisted human reproduction that he wanted to impose, “said Diane Lamarre.

“We acted with rigor and vigilance. It is not because the minister speaks loudly that he is right. I defend the interests of Quebeckers and my fellow citizens of Taillon vigorously. Since the arrival of the Liberal government, there has been no improvement in access to health care and the minister is asking us to wait another two and a half years. If the waiting time at the Hôpital Pierre-Boucher emergency room went from 22:24 to 24h06 in the last year, it was because the Liberal government did not increase access to the first line and the support home. This government exercises a selective austerity that particularly attacks health and education achievements. We will continue to be vigilant and propose changes so that Quebeckers can have better access to our health network,

Transport, electrification of transport and maritime strategy

“It is distressing to see the Couillard government’s flattering attitude toward Ottawa. Whether it is the unilateral decision of the Harper government to impose a toll on the Champlain Bridge or the maritime strategy that will remain incomplete without an agreement with the federal government, it should come as no surprise that the Liberal government does not Quebec because it does not ask for anything, “said Martine Ouellet. She also denounced this situation on several occasions during the parliamentary session and stressed that “when Quebec is an independent country, all the decisions concerning it will be taken by elected representatives of Quebec”.

Martine Ouellet has also defended taxi drivers who are victims of UberX’s unfair competition and demanded that the Liberal government take action to stop this illegal practice. “Unfortunately, Poéti’s inaction weakens the financial security of thousands of families. The government has also been lax in approving the significant increase in the cost of crossing the highway PPP bridge to the detriment of less fortunate users, “said Vachon.

“This parliamentary session demonstrated that the Parti Québécois is the only possible and plausible alternative to the current government. We have proposed bills that are tied to the concerns of citizens: the bill on the creation of a Parliamentary Budget Officer position, and I tabled the “zero emission” bill for the availability of electric cars in Quebec. Stressed Martine Ouellet.

Martine Ouellet also has at its annual tour on water conservation in schools, met with students from 5 th year of the School of Iberville, and home of citizens is always open for exhibitions, including On the history of the flag of Quebec during the month of January and subsequently the circle of painters embellished the walls of the house of paintings of 13 artists.

MEPs recalled that the population can count on the Parti Québécois team “for austerity to give way to ambition, success and hope”.

Happy National day !

The three MEPs, in closing, thanked their fellow citizens for their confidence and support. They also took the opportunity to wish a very beautiful National Holiday to all Quebeckers.


Frédéric Côté
Political Attaché of Diane Lamarre

Stéphane Jolicoeur Political
Attaché of Bernard Drainville

Patrick Ney
Political Attaché of Martine Ouellet

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Bernard Drainville welcomes the rallying leadership of Serge Basset


On May 21, Mr. Bernard Drainville presented the medal of the National Assembly of Quebec to Mr. Serge Brasset to highlight the commitment and dedication of the CEO of Édouard-Montpetit. After more than nine years in the management of CEGEP and nearly 40 years in the service of education, Mr. Brasset will retire at the end of this school year.

The member’s inscription on this medal recalls the recognition and appreciation of the young people and the people of the region: “To Serge Brasset who gave us so much. Example of dedication and public service. Your leadership was beautiful, laughing, inspiring. “In addition to his eloquent career in the college network, Mr. Brasset has been heavily involved in numerous boards of directors, including the Chamber of Commerce, The Aeronautics Technology Center, the Montérégie Labor Market Partners Council, Longueuil Economic Development, the Théâtre de la ville and the United Way. He has also created the Cégep Édouard-Montpetit Foundation, which has raised over $ 10 million since its creation in 1994.

“Serge has a unifying leadership. Close to people, it is always there to encourage students and employees. He participates actively in activities, competitions, fundraising campaigns. I am convinced that it has inspired many young people, but also leaders and stakeholders in our region. It is always inspiring to be with such dynamic and dedicated people. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for his impressive contribution to the CEGEP and to our community, “says Bernard Drainville.…

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I want to be your voice

I want to be your voice

Here we are, we have launched our campaign for the leadership by expressing our will to give back the Parti Québécois to its militants. I say to us because if it is my name that will be on the ballot, we are actually a whole team.

It begins with my family, whose support is absolutely indispensable to me.

Then there are my three colleagues, whose support is heart-wrenching. Guy Leclair, MP for Beauharnois, a man close to the world, middle class workers; Sylvain Roy, Member of Parliament for Bonaventure, a region-oriented, socially sensitive youth; And Alain Therrien, MP for Sanguinet, an experienced economist, who speaks frankly.

I was also surrounded by dozens of activists from my riding of Marie-Victorin, women and men of heart, indispensable. Activists like them, the Parti Québécois count thousands. As I said earlier, one of the things I would like to accomplish at the end of this campaign is that the PQ again becomes the militant party. Let him become the great democratic institution, the powerful engine of change that has served Quebec so well.

I also think that the Parti Québécois must be reconciled with Quebeckers. To get there, we’ll have to listen. For that, we will have to go back to listening to our members, who embody the Quebec of sir, madame everyone.

There were many young people among us. They are uncomplicated, full of ambition for Quebec and we must listen to them, make them a lot of room. It is with them that we will design and build Québec in the 21st century.

And with Quebecers of immigrant background, they are also present with us. They also want to contribute to all facets of our development and take their place within our party.

This leadership race, I intend to win it, but not by dividing, not by attacking others. We are going to make a positive campaign, a campaign of ideas to bring together the great family of the Parti Québécois.

Our political family, but also our political kinship, all the other independentists. The left, the right, the young, the oldest, the hurried and the least hurried: gathered together, we are unbeatable!

If all our voices combine, unite, we will carry a will. A conviction. We will become a voice. It is this voice that I want to carry in this race.

Your voice.
Bernard Drainville
Longueuil, October 26, 2014…

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