I want to be your voice

I want to be your voice

Here we are, we have launched our campaign for the leadership by expressing our will to give back the Parti Québécois to its militants. I say to us because if it is my name that will be on the ballot, we are actually a whole team.

It begins with my family, whose support is absolutely indispensable to me.

Then there are my three colleagues, whose support is heart-wrenching. Guy Leclair, MP for Beauharnois, a man close to the world, middle class workers; Sylvain Roy, Member of Parliament for Bonaventure, a region-oriented, socially sensitive youth; And Alain Therrien, MP for Sanguinet, an experienced economist, who speaks frankly.

I was also surrounded by dozens of activists from my riding of Marie-Victorin, women and men of heart, indispensable. Activists like them, the Parti Québécois count thousands. As I said earlier, one of the things I would like to accomplish at the end of this campaign is that the PQ again becomes the militant party. Let him become the great democratic institution, the powerful engine of change that has served Quebec so well.

I also think that the Parti Québécois must be reconciled with Quebeckers. To get there, we’ll have to listen. For that, we will have to go back to listening to our members, who embody the Quebec of sir, madame everyone.

There were many young people among us. They are uncomplicated, full of ambition for Quebec and we must listen to them, make them a lot of room. It is with them that we will design and build Québec in the 21st century.

And with Quebecers of immigrant background, they are also present with us. They also want to contribute to all facets of our development and take their place within our party.

This leadership race, I intend to win it, but not by dividing, not by attacking others. We are going to make a positive campaign, a campaign of ideas to bring together the great family of the Parti Québécois.

Our political family, but also our political kinship, all the other independentists. The left, the right, the young, the oldest, the hurried and the least hurried: gathered together, we are unbeatable!

If all our voices combine, unite, we will carry a will. A conviction. We will become a voice. It is this voice that I want to carry in this race.

Your voice.
Bernard Drainville
Longueuil, October 26, 2014

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